B624 Cam - Selfie Expert

 B624 Cam - Selfie Expert Télécharger partir App Store d'Apple

B624 Cam - Selfie Expert App lets you capture your selfie with live mask and beatify camera app.
Create your own fun face with awesome filter and mask effect.
Impressive feature of this app is that it does skinsmoothing over live camera by using of adjustment slider!
Beautify and applying filters to your picture
Play background music during app uses.
Use animal face mask on face, having tons of fun with a gallery of hilarious live masks as animals, cyborgs, zombies, ghost and more.

App Features:
◆ Capture selfie from rear and from front camera live camera.
◆ Apply mask on faces and make as cool and funny selfie.
◆ Do skin smoothing over live camera by using of adjustment slider.
◆ Apply custom filters and enhance your selfie.
◆ Save photo in library.
◆ Share on Facebook ,Twitter and more.

Download and fun!!

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